Worship Service

Worship Service is held in the Sanctuary 

at 10:45 AM

Any Attire Welcome!

If you are seeking a church family that welcomes all of God's children; a family that is open to new opportunities to serve our community; and a family that is not afraid to share the messiness of life and faith together. Join us as we strive to live as Christians who know, love, and serve God together!

Advent Worship Series


Journey with us this Advent season as we prepare to live in peace, hope, joy, trust and love, asking ourselves, "Are We There Yet?".  Sunday 10:45 AM 

Small Group Opportunities 


* Sunday Morning Study 9:30 AM

* Tuesday Woman’s Bible Study 1:30 PM

* Thursday Pray & Bible Study 10:00 AM

* Youth and Children, Sunday morning at        9:30 AM

* UMYF Sunday Night 5:00 PM

Lent Study - "Listen to Him"

Our congregation will be reading the same daily scripture during the season of Lent, from Shrove Tuesday to Resurrection Sunday. This will be a journey through the gospel of Luke taken from the Book, Listen to Him, Forty Steps on the Road to the Resurrection. Listen to Him will be available for purchase on Sunday morning. It offers a daily scripture text, a brief daily observation from the author and a thought-provoking question that should prompt us to action. The Christan Walk and the James Underwood Sunday School classes will be using this book on Sunday mornings as well. 

For those that do not want to purchase the book, we will have a print outs available with the daily scriptures. This is an opportunity for us as a church to journey together through the scriptures each day. I will also post the scripture on our Facebook page giving us an opportunity to talk about it together via social media. It is my prayer that through this season of Lent we will learn to "Listen to Him" more clearly and love one another more completely.